privacy statement: the short version

This website has a Google Analytics script on every page.
Google Analytics collects quite a lot of detail, such as when you visited, your vague geographical location based on your IP, and where you've come from before this website.
I do not care about most of this information. I do not care what website referred you, I do not care where you are. I just want to see where the traffic is coming to on the website, and how much of it is coming from places outside Nintendo Homebrew.
I will not sell, steal, lease, transmit, pass on or otherwise do almost anything with the data received from Google Analytics.
I will not use your data, your referrer, or your accumulated Internet-wide advertising profile to market or advertise to you. I don't want your money, unless you want to give it to me.
I will not keep a copy of any data, however Google Analytics will cache your visit for 26 months.
Per the GDPR, I am unable to use any IP addresses or other collected information to identify you as a unique user, or "natural person". This is because all of the information I receive is "in aggregate" and cannot be boiled down to the individual user level. As such, I am not required to have one of those annoying popups telling you about cookies. But I do have this page.