unfortunately, a lot of the information on here will be outdated. the most up to date and accurate information can be found at the wiki and the guide.
the information here will continue to be served for a) backup/redundancy and b) archival.

eip's homebrew index: we /switch/ now son

typed with no capitals because that means i'm cool

Hello and welcome to Eip's Homebrew Index.
This site will attempt to host and maintain a collection of useful links and information related to Switch Homebrew.

If you follow any of the guides or suggestions on this page, please ensure you read the instructions once or twice over to ensure you have understood them. The most common cause of problems with hacked consoles is user error or misunderstanding, and I don't mean that lightly.
If you have problems, make a Discord account and join this server, and ask for assistance in the assistance channels.
Thanks to all my friends on Nintendo Homebrew for helping me with the information here, and thanks to Zeta for letting me (poorly) steal their CSS.

Here's the Nintendo Homebrew server's Switch guide.
Here's a quick page on the state of Switch homebrew as it stands.
This entire website should be considered a permanent WIP (lol who needs content anyway), but LOOK MA I HAVE CSS NOW.

Contact me if you have problems, suggestions or other feedback.